Who I am

I started and completed the high school in the chemical discipline. The passion for information technology, grown during the beginning of the Internet era, took me to accomplish a post-college specialization in analysis and programming and that opened another chapter in my job career. Enthusiastic, passionate and hungry learner, I started my “worker life” as a software programmer and analyst. 
In the meanwhile, moved by a continuous personal development “fire”, I started a parallel experience for the Province of Lodi (Milan) as a trainer for the matter of personal computer (beginners, intermediate) and office (word processor, presentation, spreadsheet) suite.
This experience, lasted many years, gave me the opportunity to know the world of education and let me discover the pleasure of knowledge sharing, communication and teaching.
During my career in the publishing field, (analysis and coding area) I have been responsible and involved in many adventures (called projects in the business language :)) and managed people and resources to accomplish the missions.
After many years spent in the Development Dept. I moved to the Financial & Accounting Dept. and I have been involved in some procedural projects.
Really committed in continuous personal development improving, after studied for two years Media Sciences, Marketing and Communication at University in order to gain an overall perspective of the business world (Operations, Administration, Marketing and Communication) I left my job.
I study MBTI ( Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Ennegram and coach methodoly and now I work on it.I like to listen to people and help them change their way of thinking and acting, finding a new professional or personal path together.

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Have a nice life!