What does the Coach do?

The Coach helps persons to move from a point to another; the word “Coach” comes from the french word “coche”, a term used to refer to a means of transport.

Just like a medium, the coach transports them from the situation they are in to the one they aspire to be.
The coach helps you understand in which direction you want to grow, remove or diminish the factors that prevent or hinder growth and provides the tools to arrive to your goal.

A good coach asks questions, which are used to make you think about your beliefs, which are often limiting; not by solutions but helps you to find them independently, depending on what is right for you; uses and recommends techniques to create new behaviours, ideas, ways, identity, etc. to elevate the real You.

The Life coach helps you to identify the goals and gives you the tools to reach them.
It is not to be confused with psychotherapy because coaching focuses on the future and does not deal with analyzing the past or finding solutions to traumas and pathologies.

How does a coaching journey take?

It depends on the goal you want to achieve.
In coaching, we define together the deadline and the frequency of the meetings, depending on your needs.

Keep in mind that my goal will be your independence throughout the journey.
Therefore I also aim to do as few sessions as possible.

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